World Marine Syndicate

Ship Supplier company In Bangladesh

Who we are

World Marine Syndicate is your reliable partner in the supply of provisions, the offshore industry and ships of every kind. Providing supplies to all types of vessels and offshore locations while remaining fully compliant with the high demands of today’s food supply chain and international food safety standards.

what we do

  • Provisions
  • Life Raft Servicing.
  • Stores Supply (Deck.Eng.Electrical.
  • Tank Any Cleaning.
  • Sludge Oil Carrying
  • Bunker Supply.
  • All Kinds Of Marine Machinery Electrical Item Navigation Etc Repairing,
  • Chipping & Painting Works.
  • Ships Any Repairing.
  • Ships Watchmen Supply.
  • Radar Repairing.
  • Oxygen / Acetylene / Freon Bottle Refilling Etc.
  • Co2 Refill, Inspection Servicing Include All Fire Fighting Equipment’s.
  • Hatch Cleaning.
  • Galley Garbage Cleaning.
Our Top Services

World Marine Syndicate, a leading name in the maritime industry when it comes to ship chipping and painting services. A team of skilled professionals, We have earned its reputation as a trusted partner in the preservation and beautification of ships.

World Marine Syndicate, specializes in tank cleaning service for various types of ships, including oil tankers, chemical tankers and bulk carriers.